About Holistic Allie


Hi, welcome to Holistic Allie! I’m Allison, founder and creator of this blog, where I develop, photograph, and share vegan recipes. I earned a Holistic Nutrition Certificate from Pacific Rim College and am currently completing a degree in Environmental Studies. 

I was fortunate to have been raised in the 90s by parents who shopped at health food stores, baked bread, sprouted seeds, made yogurt, and ate plenty of greens, brown rice, and miso before it was ‘cool.’ It only seems natural that my love of real food and cooking was sparked at a young age!

My food philosophy is quite simple: I love real food, and I believe in the healing powers of wholesome meals shared with people you love. I don’t believe in counting calories or macronutrients, but I do believe that it is important to eat a balanced plant-based diet based primarily on whole foods, with plenty of room for indulgence. I believe in nourishment and honouring our appetites rather than depriving ourselves of the great pleasure that good food has the potential to bring us. 

When I’m not busy in the kitchen, I can probably be found running the pathways of beautiful Ottawa, Ontario (that’s me pictured above, running my first marathon in Toronto in fall 2018!), hanging out at a cafe with my quirky pals, or stargazing along the river. 

Not sure where to start? Check out my Recipe Index! Want to work together, or get in touch? You can contact me here.